The benefits of Aikido are huge, not only from the viewpoint of self defence but spiritually, physically and in daily life.

Aikido is known for:

  • the enhancement of suppleness and wellbeing;
  • developing your Centre and the co-ordination of mind and body;
  • taking control of the mind and to promote health;
  • calms your mind particularly and enables you to resolve problems effectively.

This powerful art leads the force of an attack and returns it back to the attacker. The more a person attacks, the more they may see the futility of their actions. Its exercises develop the skills of the martial art and are used in work with partners and in groups. Calmness in action, extending positive will power and centring yourself in the midst of a dynamic attack are learned through the practice.

What are classes like?

There is a positive helpful atmosphere during classes and everyone is relaxed and considerate of others. Everyone works in harmony so beginners and experienced aikidoists complement each other.

Classes are 2 hours long with a break in the middle to re-hydrate. The focus for the first hour is on Ki (Energy) and the second hour on the practice of aikido.

We learn all the techniques and self defence and dealing with the individual and group attacks. We also study in depth a variety of specialised classes including weapons training, misogi bell, and the practice of Yuki, the healing component of Aikido.