Beau McGuffie

Principal Instructor / Head Dojo Instructor (HDI)

"Aikido has always intrigued me, a dynamic art that allows you to not hurt your attacker.

Aikido philosophies are a way of life and has helped immensely in the business world and family life."

Joseph Hansen - Rokudan

(Now Chief instructor of Aikido Goshinkai NZ)

Joe began Aikido with Sensei Chris Hall. He has enjoyed Aikido immensely and that has been what has kept him going over the past years. It has become a part of his life. He says that Aikido has helped him deal with stress and has helped him to become a better parent. "It has opened my eyes to look at life in a different way."

Joe now runs Aikido Goshinkai in New Zealand.

Mac White

Mac White - Sandan

Instructor (Retired)

"I commenced my training in 2002 under Sensei Chris Hall at Bald Hills. I have since progressed under Sensei Beau with the guidance of Sensei Williams through Goshinkai. Aikido has enabled me to practice the principles of harmony, mind and body co-ordination and conflict resolution. This has been and continues to be of immense benefit to me in my daily life."

Richard Sprinkart - Nidan


"I attended my first Aikido class in early 2010, and haven't been able to stay away since that first class. I've also found that training in Aikido has helped me to be more calm and relaxed in my everyday life."

Kevin Millar - Shodan


"Since seeing Aikido when I was younger I always wanted to learn more about it, but it wasn't until many years later that I found a training dojo. I like the relaxed flowing motions of movement that redirect the attack into a defensive position."