come and try Aikido with us - your first two classes are free!

Class info

Class times

Tuesday class*

Time: 7pm - 9pm
Instructor: Sensei Richard Sprinkart

Saturday class

Time: 8am - 10am
Instructor: Sensei Beau Mcguffie

*Note - No training on the 2nd Tuesday of every month

First two classes FREE

Class fees

Fees are paid casually on a per class basis.

We welcome kids into the general classes. Age for starting training is based on the individual child however preferred age is from 8+.

Please ensure that everyone turns up on time for classes as tardiness can be disruptive for students already on the mat.


Come along and enjoy your first two classes absolutely free. We hope you enjoy what we do and continue to practice the Art of Peace for years to come! For more information please contact us.

Dojo Location

Bald Hills Memorial Hall
Bald Hills, Qld 4036


Code of Conduct

Statement of commitment and Release and Indemnity Agreement (DOCX)

Aikido Goshinkai Bald Hills Dojo

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