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2011 Aikido Seminar

14th - 17th October 2011

Byron Bay Aikido Club Inc. presents Master Koretoshi Maruyama, Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai.

Maruyama Sensei has dedicated his life to communicating the benefits of "positive mind" through Aikido training. Maruyama Sensei's accessible and inspirational teaching style, infused with humour, vigour and grace, is an example of positive, non-contentious mindfulness and "Aikido without Boundaries". This seminar is designed to cater to all levels of training ability. All styles of aikido are welcome to attend.

On Monday 17th October, Maruyama Sensei will teach Shindo (the healing art of Aikido) to promote understanding and heightened sensitivity for those wishing to practice this hands-on healing concept for the benefit of family and friends. Shindo is used to invigorate the body and create a climate by which the body can heal itself. This class is suitable for the general public.

Posted 04 July 2011


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